This utility allows you to change the corners that appear in the section summaries (for both tools and snippets), as well as the corners that appears on the default pages in the Owner and Admin sections. These are the corners that appear on the ends of the various bars that are used as the headers for different topics and content. From this utility, you can also turn on borders that will appear below the Header Bar, as well as above and below the Tool Bar. This allows you to make the Tool and Header Bar backgrounds the same color as the Navigation Bar while still having a thin border separating the different areas.

Once in the Admin section, click the "Interface" link under the "Appearance" heading. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the form you will see.

Figure 1: Interface

The following is a brief description of each field.

1. Corners
Allows you turn have either rounded corners or sharp corners.
2. Borders
Inserts borders below the Header Bar, and above and below the Tool Bar. This is the same color that is used for the global border that separates the other areas of the page.
3. Snippet Width
This controls how wide the Snippets will be on the summary page for each section, as well as the summary page for My UMinfo. The width can be between 100 and 600 pixels.

Figure 2 shows an example of the Unidigm University site with sharp corners and with the borders turned on.

Interface Example
Figure 2: Interface Example