The Advanced Colors utility allows you to change specific colors that are not available in the Basic Colors utility. Once in the Admin section, click the "Advanced Colors" link under the "Appearance" heading, which will display a list of Advanced Color categories, as shown in Figure 1. Clicking a category will display the form for changing the colors in that category. Figure 2 shows a screenshot of the form you will see.

Advanced Color Categories
Figure 1: Advanced Color Categories

Advanced Colors
Figure 2: Advanced Colors

A color can be changed in two ways:

  1. Enter the six-digit hexadecimal value in the text field, or
  2. Click the color in the "New" column to select a color from a color palette.

If you wish to reset a color after you have chosen a different one, simply click the color in the "Current" column.

Note: Netscape users will not see the "New" column; instead, they will see a "Change" link for each color that can be clicked to display the color palette. Also, Netscape users will not be able to click the color in the "Current" column to reset the color.