Once in the Admin section, click the "Add" link under the "Groups" heading. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the form for adding a group.

1. Name
This is the name of the group as it will be seen by users when granting group access, managing users in groups, etc.
2. New User Login
If a login is provided here, then every time a new user is added to the current group, that user will get a copy of all the Section Subscription settings for the user whose login is being provided. This includes summary, instant email, and digest settings. For example, if the "New User Login" user is subscribed to receive an email every time a new event is added to the top section, then the users who are added to the group will also have that setting for their accounts.

Note: Users can still go into their personal settings and make changes, even if the settings were applied as a result of being added to a group.

For more information about Section Subscriptions, see the Section Subscriptions Defined help page.