This utility allows an nTreePoint Administrator to import multiple users at the same time. This saves you the effort of having to manually enter each user one at a time. Once in the Admin area, click the "Import" link under the "Users" heading. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the form for importing users.

To import users, you must first have a delimited list of user information. This is typically a text file where each row represents one user, and each field within the row corresponds to one piece of user data (for example: first name, last name, email, login, etc.). If you have user data stored in a spreadsheet or another database, the spreadsheet or database application should have a utility that allows you to export the information to a delimited list. If this is the case, consult the documentation for your software to determine how to do this.

Importing Users
Figure 1: Importing Users

The following is a brief description of each field:

1. Column Delimiter
This is the character that separates each field of data. This can be either a comma, tab, semicolon, or vertical bar.
2. Text Qualifier
When some programs generate delimited text files, they differentiate text fields from other fields (like numeric or currency fields), by wrapping the text in a text qualifier. If your delimited list uses text qualifiers, this is where you will identify it. The text qualifier can be a single quote or a double quote. If there is not a text qualifier, select "None".
3. Login Type
If there is at least custom login, you will need to specify which login method the imported users will be using. This field will not be present if no custom logins exist.

Note: If the users you are importing will not be using the same login method, you must first separate them by login method before importing them. A single import can only be run using a single login method.

4. Input Text
This is where you will paste the delimited text for the users' information.

Next, you will need to let the import utility know in which order the fields appear in your delimited text. The only field that is required is the Login field. If you do not have information for one or more of the fields listed, leave the value blank. If you have additional fields in your text that is not used by the import utility, the import process will still work properly, and those fields will be ignored. The only fields that will be used are the ones where the order has been indicated.

Once you have filled in the form data, you can click the "Preview" button to preview the data. This will show you each user, each field that has been given an order, and the value of that field for each user. If all the necessary fields have been processed properly, click the "Import" button to begin the import process.