Transferring a user is the process of taking all associations to one user within the application, and changing those associations to another user. Associations include Section Owners, contacts for News and Events, Tool Managers, etc. Once in the Admin area, click the "Transfer" link under the "Users" heading. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the form for transferring users.

Transferring Users
Figure 1: Transferring Users

To transfer all associations with one user to another, enter the current user's login in the From field, and enter the user who will be replacing the current user's associations in the To field. If you do not know one or both users' logins, click the "Browse..." link to perform a search (see the User Selection Dialog help page for more information).

After clicking the "Transfer" button, you will be asked to confirm that you want to transfer all association from one user to the other. This action is not reversible, so be sure that you have selected both logins accurately.