Once in the Admin area, click the "Search Settings" link under the "General" heading. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the Digest Settings form.

Digest Settings
Figure 1: Digest Settings

The digest service runs as part of the nTreePoint service that generates and sends the email to each user on a daily basis. If your system has many user accounts, you may decide to have the digest emails generated and sent on a separate computer from the main application. If so, you may indicate the name of the computer on which the digest service will run, as well as the folder that the email will be written to.

The following is a description of each field:

1. Computer
This is the name of the computer on which the nTreePoint service will run and will control the digest service. If left blank, the computer running the application will be assumed as the default.
2. Mail Pickup Path
This is the folder where the digest service will save the email files. For example, for a Windows installation on the "c:\" drive, the Windows SMTP service looks in the "c:\inetpub\mailroot\pickup" folder by default.

Note: If either of the (1) and (2) fields are provided, then both fields must be provided. If both are left blank, the digest service will use the settings of the local machine that will have already have been configured for other parts of the application.

Note: For both (2), the path must be a shared network path, not a local path. Use the form "\\MYCOMPUTER\Pickup" for example, not "c:\inetpub\mailroot\pickup". In the former example, the "Pickup" folder would have been shared.

3. Daily Start Time
This is the time that the digest service will begin generating the individual digest emails for each user. Once the digest has started running, it will continue running until all users" digest emails have been generated.
4. Enable Digest
If this checkbox is unchecked, digest feature will be disabled and users will not see the feature in the My UMinfo section.