To customize the layout and design of the nTreePoint interface, two different template files are used.

  1. global.htm

    This template is used for the nTreePoint framework that is used for every page. The framework includes everything except the Utility Bar and the Content Area (which are controlled by whichever tool or utility is in use). From this template, you can customize the navigation from section to section, change the layout and format of the list of tools that are enabled in each section, change the placement of logos, and add additional design elements including custom layout and additional graphical elements.

  2. tags.htm

    This template is used for various parts of the nTreePoint interface that are used on more than one page. For example, the headers for snippets (both snippets that appear on the right-hand side of the summary page, as well as snippets in the middle of the page), the format of links that appear in the Utility Bar, the heading that appears at the top of the Content Area for various pages and utilities, the message format that is used within any form when an error occurs, etc.