Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section for which you want to order the subsections. Click the "Owner" link in the Tool Bar. In the page that appears, click the "Order Subsections" link under the "Sections" heading. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the Order Subsections page.

Ordering Subsections
Figure 1: Ordering Subsections

Each section will have an up and down arrow (except for the top-most section, which will not have an up arrow, and the bottom-most section, which will not have a down arrow). To move a section up one place, click its up arrow. To move it down one place, click its down arrow. Continue the process until the sections are in the desired order.

Clicking the "Reorder alphabetically..." link at the top of the page will reset the ordering of the subsections alphabetically.

Note: Although all subsections can be ordered in relation to each other (so that the ordering will not change even if a section's access level changes), all private sections will appear after the publicly-accessible sections when viewed in the Navigation Bar.