Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section that you want to mirror. Click the "Owner" link in the Tool Bar. In the page that appears, click the "Mirror This Section" link under the "Sections" heading. Mirroring a section will copy the current section and all descendants and place that new section subtree directly beneath the current section (after which it can be moved wherever you'd like it to be moved). Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the form for mirroring sections. sections.

Mirroring a Section
Figure 1: Mirroring a Section

The following is a brief description of each field.

1. Name
This is the name of the newly created section that will be a mirror of the current section.
2. Owner (login)
If this field is left blank, each mirrored section will retain the same owner as the original. If a login is provided, that user will be the owner for the mirrored section and all descendants.
3. Options
By checking the Mirror Pages and Mirror Snippets checkboxes, all pages and/or snippets for the current section and all subsections will be copied to the newly mirrored sections.