If a section has the access level of "Private", then the only users who will be able to access the section are the users who are in the section's User Access list or who belong to a group in the Group Access list. In order to allow additional users to access the section, they must be added to the User Access list or Group Access list by the section owner.

Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section in question, then click the "Owner" link in the Tool Bar In the page that appears, click the "User Access" link under the "Sections" heading. Figure 1 shows the User Access screen. Note that user "djackson" is the only user in the list. This is because "djackson" is the owner of the section and has not yet added any additional users to the list.

User Access List
Figure 1: User Access List

In order to add another user to the list, the user's login can be entered manually (if it is known); otherwise, clicking the "Browse..." button will open a pop-up window that will allow you to search for a user based on first name, last name, email, or login. See the User Selection Dialog help file for information about finding users.

Once the user's login has been found or has been manually entered, hit the "Add" button. The user will now appear in the User Access List (as in Figure 2). To delete a user from the list, click the "Delete" link that corresponds with the user' name.

After adding a user to the User Access List
Figure 1: After adding a user to the User Access List