Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section you would like to move. Click the "Owner" link in the Tool Bar. In the page that appears, click the "Move This Section" link under the "Sections" heading. Figure 1 shows the screen that the owner of the "Zoology" section would see if she wanted to move it.

Move a Section
Figure 1: Move a Section

Let's say that the Zoology department at Unidigm University has been elevated to faculty status. We now want to move the section directly beneath the "Faculties" section. As shown in the screenshot, we find the "Faculties" section and select it. Note that only some of the sections are enabled for selection. This is because you will only be able to move the current section under another section if (1) you are the owner of the section, or (2) you are the owner of one of the section's ancestors somewhere in its hierarchy.

Once the new parent section has been selected, click the "Move" button. Figure 2 shows how the "Zoology" section has now been moved under the "Faculties" section.

After moving the "Zoology" section
Figure 2: After moving the "Zoology" section