Enter your login and password into the appropriate fields, then click "Go" to login. Note that your login and password are both case-sensitive. The logins "gbrown" and "GBROWN" are not the same.

Login Keys: If you have logged in previously without a key, you will not need one unless your system administrator has told you otherwise. It is not a required field, so you do not need to enter anything to login.

The key is a time-sensitive string that is generated from a PDA. It changes every ten seconds, and is specific to each account. If your account has been enabled to require a key, you will need to enter one along with your password in order to login. A key will only remain valid for a few seconds after it is generated, so it is recommended that you generate a new key right before logging in to reduce the possibility of having to try to login again with a new key.

If you would like more information about key-generating software for Palm OS devices, Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PCs, Smartphones, etc.), or Windows desktops, contact Unidigm Sales.