To manage an existing list, click the "Manage Global Lists" link in the Utility Bar. A listing of existing lists will be displayed. To manage a list (whether changing the name or managing list items), click the "Update" link. Click the "Delete" link to remove the list.

Note: A list cannot be deleted if it already associated with a question in a Web Form. The question must be updated to use a different list or delete altogether before you will be able to delete the list.

If you click the "Update" link, you will see a page that allows you to update the name of the list. Beneath that part of the form will be a list of the current list items within your global list. To change the name of the list, enter the new name and click the Update button.

To add a new item to the list, click the "Add List Item" link. This will display a form with two fields:

1. Caption
This is the text that users will see when selecting the item while filling out a Web Form.
2. Other
There can be up to one "Other" item for each list. If an item is marked as "Other", a text box will appear beside this question when users are filling out a Web Form where they can enter additional text aside from the value of the caption. This only applies to Radio or Checkbox question types.

Once the list items have been added, they can be ordered by clicking the up and down icons for each item. Additionally, you can reorder the whole list alphabetically by clicking the "Sort Alphabetically" link at the bottom of the page.