Activating and deactivating responses determines which responses are visible to end-users. If a response is active, end-users will be able to see it; otherwise, it will be hidden from all users who are not Data Managers or higher.

Only Data Managers, Tool Managers, Section Owners, and Administrators can manually activate or deactivate responses. To do so, go to the listing view for the Web Form in question.

Note: In order to activate or deactivate responses, the Activate column must be enabled in the listing view to show the status of the responses. For information on displaying or hiding this column, see the Form Settings help file.

The list will have an Active column where you will see the current status of the response. If the response is inactive, there will be a link that reads "No". If you click this link, the response will be activated and link will then read "Yes". If a link reads "Yes" is clicked, the response will then be deactivated and the link will change to "No".