Although you can print any page within the application by using the browser's built-in printing functionality, there might be times when you only want to print only the Content Area, not the Header Bar, the Navigation Bar, the Tool Bar, etc. In these cases, you can use the "Print" link in the Header Bar. By clicking this link, a new window will open with only the Content Area of the page. From here, you can then use your browser's built-in printing functionality, but you will only be printing the relevant information, not the entire interface of the application.

Figure 1 shows the month view of the Events tool in the "Co-op" section. If you only wanted to print the calendar, you would be wasting paper, space, and ink by printing this whole page.

Default view
Figure 1: Default view

Instead, by using the Print feature, a window will open that looks like Figure 2, from which you can then print.

Print-friendly view
Figure 2: Print-friendly view