This view summarizes all the responses for the Web Form into a single page that shows bar charts and ratios/percentages for different questions. This is especially useful for surveys where you want to compare the frequency of the different options for different questions.

To view the summary, click the "Summary" link from the Web Form listing.

Note: If you cannot see the "Summary" link, then the Summary View has not been activated by the form managers, so you will not have access to the summary.

Depending on their access levels, different users will see different views of this page. Data Managers, Tool Managers, Section Owners, and Administrators will see all questions and corresponding summaries.

All other users will only see the questions that have been marked as "Public Read". See the Add a Question help file for more information about this setting.

For questions with lists (other that Radio Group question), the question caption is shown, followed by a table of all possible responses, a bar indicating the percentage of responses for that options, a count of the number of responses, and the percentage of the total. If there is an Other option, clicking the label will show you a page with all the values that have been entered for that option.

For Radio Group question, the layout is the same as the form itself, but instead of a radio button, the count and ratio are shown one on top of the other for each possible choice.

For Text - Single Line questions, a link will be provided that, when clicked, shows a list of all responses for that questions and -- if there is more than one instance of the same response -- the number of times that response has been provided.

Note: Text - Multi-Line and Date/Time questions do not support the summary view.