This view is used to display multiple form submissions at the same time. The view is a basic tabular view where each submission appears on a row or its own. Each field is displayed within vertical columns with the Short Name of the question used as the column header.

To view the response details, first you must access the item in the Listing Responses page. From that page, click the "View" link in the row of the response that you want to see the details for.

Note: If you cannot see the "View" link, then the Response Details view has not been activated by the form managers, so you will not have access to the response details.

Depending on their access levels, different users will see different views of this page. Data Managers, Tool Managers, Section Owners, and Administrators will see all questions and corresponding responses. They will also see the users who added and last updated the response (as well as the timestamps for adding and updating the response) if those options have been enabled in the Form Settings.

All other users will only see the questions that have been marked as "Public Read". See the Add a Question help file for more information about this setting.