This view is used to display multiple form submissions at the same time. The view is a basic tabular view where each submission appears on a row or its own. Each field is displayed within vertical columns with the Short Name of the question used as the column header.

To list the responses for a Web Form, click the title of the form from the Web Form listing.

Note: If the title is not an active link, that means that the form has not been enabled to allow public access to the listing view.


Data displayed in the listing view can be sorted on any column except Multi-Line Text questions. To sort the data, click the column heading in the appropriate column. An arrow will be displayed to show that the column you clicked is the column that the data is being sorted on. If you click the arrow or the column header again, the listing view will sort based on the same column, but in the opposite direction.

Note: When navigating between listing pages (see below), the column and direction of the sorting is maintained.

Navigating Listing Pages

Within the Form Settings, form managers can define the number of responses that appear in the listing view at a time. If there are more items than can fit on a single page, then nTreePoint provides navigation controls to move back and forth between the different pages of responses.

One way to do this is by clicking the right and left arrows at the bottom of the list. This will move you back and forth one page at a time. The other way is by accessing the drop-down of pages at the bottom of the listing view. From this drop-down, you can jump immediately to a page of responses without having to repetitively click the arrows to move through the pages one at a time.


Filtering is a powerful utility that allows you to narrow the responses that appear in the listing view by specifying a condition that response must meet in order to be displayed. This works by choosing a question, and operator, then a value.

For example, if we have a question with a short name of Country and we want to show all users from Canada, we could have a filter where:

Question = "Country"
Operator = "="
Value = "Canada"

This will display all responses where "Country = Canada". Note that if we are navigating between different pages of results, the filter will remain applied until we click the Clear Filter button, which resets the filter and show us all responses.

Note: For questions with lists, the comparisons are made based on the order that items are defined in the list, not on alphabetic ordering. Additionally, we choose the value from a drop-down list of available list items for that question instead of typing in a value in a text field as is the case for other types of questions.