The Send Email utility allows you to send an email to all users in a form (where there is at least one email question). Note that the feature must first be enabled by the domain administrator, as well as enabled at the form level (see Global Settings and Email Options).

By default, email will be sent to all recipients in your form. If you would like to restrict the recipients to a specific group, you can filter the recipients based on the value of a specific question. For more information about filtering the responses to a form, see the Listing Responses help file; the filter is the same for both utilities.

The following fields are used to send an email:

1. From (name)
The name of the user the email will appear to be sent by.
2. From (email)
The email address that the email will be sent by. This will also be used if a user replies to the email.
3. Subject
The subject of the email.
4. Message -- Text and HTML
This is where the body of the email is created. You may include a text format, HTML format, or both. Including both is useful if some recipients of the email only like text email whereas others prefer HTML email; the user's email client can then determine which format to show the user based on the preferences that have been set in the individual email software. If only one format is supplied, all email will be sent with that format only.
5. Other recipients
If there are other users to whom you want to send the email but they are not in the list, you can include their email addresses here and a copy of the message will be sent to each of them regardless of whether they are in the Web Form or not.