Web Form managers control which columns are displayed in the listing view. Any question can be displayed, and any number of questions can be displayed. When adding questions, you are asked to provide a Short Name. It is the Short Name that will appear as the heading of the column in the listing view.

To manage the listing view, select the "Listing View" option from the Web Form listing. The page that appears will display two lists:

  • The top list will display all available questions that have not yet been added to the listing view.
  • The bottom list will display all questions that have been added to the listing view.

To add a question to the listing view, click the "Add" link in the applicable row. You can also order the question in the listing view by clicking the up and down icons. The vertical order of the questions on this page defines the horizontal order of the column headers in the listing view.

You may also define the default question that the list is sorted on. When a user first loads the listing view page, this is the column that the data will be sorted by. In the list of questions that are in the listing view, all questions that are not sorted by default will have a "No" link beside them. To make a question the default column, click the link. You can then toggle the default order direction by clicking on the up or down icon that appears beside the question.