When you are within a particular section, you will have access to a variety of different tools. It is the owner of the section who decides which tools are enabled. All tools that are enabled will be listed in the Tool Bar. Figure 1 shows an example of section "Co-op Program" in the fictitious Unidigm University site and its associated Tool Bar. The News, Events, Forums, Links, and Documents tools have been enabled for the section. Note that tool "Events" has a different background color. The highlighted tool indicates which tool is currently being used within the given section.

Enabled tools for the current section
Figure 1: Enabled tools for the current section

Note that there is an additional tool, the "Search" tool. This tool is not enabled or disabled for a specific section. It is available throughout the application, regardless of which section the user is currently in (unless the administrator has disabled searching). For more information about the search tool, see the "Searching" help file.