A Text - Multiple Line question is a text field that provides multiple rows and columns in order to enter larger bodies of text or HTML.

The following is an example of a Text - Multiple Line question:

First Name:  
 Submit as HTML

The following fields are specific to this question type and give you additional control over the display and behavior of this field:

Text Options

1. Columns
The width of the text field in characters.
2. Rows
The height of the text field in characters.
3. Maxlength
The maximum number of characters that the user can enter for this field. If left blank, no limit will be placed on the size of the user's input.
4. Allow HTML
If No, a regular text field will be shown to the user. If Yes, then users of Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher on the Windows platform will see an inline HTML editor instead of a regular text field. Other users will see a regular text field with a checkbox to indicate that the text they are providing is HTML. If text is submitted as HTML, it will appear exactly as the user enters it; otherwise, spacing will be formatted automatically based on the line breaks that the user enters within the text.

See the Submitting Content as HTML help file for additional information.