To copy one or more questions from an existing Web Form, select the "Questions" option from the Web Form listing. The page that appears will display all pages and questions on a single page. To add the copied question above an existing question, click the "Copy" link beside the existing question. To add the copied question to the bottom of the page, click the "Copy Questions" link after the last question on the page that you want to add the question to.

The next step is to find the section that the form was added to. The page that appears will allow you to browse the section hierarchy by clicking the names of the sections. When you click a section name, you will see the sections that exist beneath it as well as a list of forms that have been added to the section. If the form you're looking for is listed, click the radio button beside its name.

Next, a list of questions in the form will appear in a multi-select list. Select as many questions as you want from the list, then click the "Copy" button. The questions will be copied into the form you're working on, and you'll be taken back to the question/page management page once the copying process has been completed.