To add a page, select the "Questions" option from the Web Form listing. To insert a new page at the bottom of the Web Form, click the "Insert Page" link at the very bottom of the page. After a page has been added, you can change the ordering of pages (if there is more than one page in your Web Form). See the Ordering Pages help page for details.

The following is a description of the fields on the form for adding a page:

1. Name
This is the name that will be visible when editing pages and questions, although it will not be visible to end-users who are filling out your Web Form.
2. Next/Done Label
This is the label that will appear on the button at the bottom of the page, following all the questions on the page, that the user can click to submit the Web Form.

Note: Although this is not a required field, the only time it is suggested to not have a value is if the last page of your Web Form only has questions of type Heading; otherwise, your users will not have a button to click to submit the response to the Web Form.

3. Cancel Label
If a cancel label is provided, the user will see a button with this label on it that will take them out of the form. By default, the user will be taken to the form listing for the section.
4. Cancel URL
If a URL is provided, this is where the user will be taken after clicking the cancel button.
5. Delete on Cancel
This is applicable for multi-page forms. If this setting is enabled, the current response will be deleted after the user clicks the cancel button regardless of how many pages of the form have been filled out. This is useful for removing all traces of the user and submission after the user decided to cancel.

Note: This only applies to users who are less than data managers for the section. Otherwise, clicking the cancel button will take the user out of the form, but will not delete the response if the user has already submitted at least one page.

6. Update All Pages
If the form has more than one page, this options will appear when a page is being updated. If this option is enabled, the Cancel Label, Cancel URL, and Delete on Cancel values will be applied for all pages, not just the current page.