This is a very useful and time-saving utility that allows you to take an existing form and create a copy of it in any other section on your site or in any section on other nTreePoint sites that have the Web Forms tool installed.

To copy a form, first you need to go to the section in which you want the new form to be created. Once you're in the section, go into the Web Forms tool, then click the "Copy a Form" link in the utility bar.

There are two ways to copy a form:

1. Copy From Existing Site
This is the default view when using the copy utility. The page will display a tree of sections within the nTreePoint hierarchy. Clicking the name a of a section will list both the subsections as well as any Web Forms within that section. When you find the form that you want to copy, select it from the list, enter the name that you want to give the form within the current section, then click the Copy button. After the new Web Form is created, you will be taken to the view for managing pages and questions.

Note: If you are not a Tool Manager or Section Owner for the section that you're listing the Web Forms for, you may not see all forms. If a Web Form is not enabled for copying, only Tool Managers and the Section Owner will be able to see the form.

2. Copy from External Form
When viewing the page to copy a Web Form from the existing site, click the "Copy External Form..." link at the top of the section hierarchy. Enter the name for the new form, then paste the contents of an exported form into the Form Data field. Click the Go button to create the form.

Note: Creating Web Forms from existing forms is a very resource-intensive process and can take several minutes, depending on the size of the form being created. If it appears as if nothing is happening, just be patient until the copy utility has finished processing. If an error occurs, the process will stop and show you a page with the appropriate error message.