When you click on the name of a section in the Navigation Bar, you will be taken to the "Summary" page for that section. This is the default page for each section. On this page, you will see a summary of the most relevant information added to each tool that has been enabled for the section. For example, the most recent news will appear under the "News" heading; the events that are coming up the soonest will appear under the "Events" heading; etc.

Note, however, that although there may be five tools enabled for a given section, that does not mean that the summary will appear for all five tools. The owner of a given section can enable a tool within the section, but can choose to NOT enable the summary for that tool. Additionally, not all tools have information that is of a timely nature (the Links tool, for example), so some tools might not be enabled to summarize their information on the summary page.

Figure 1 shows the summary page from the fictitious Unidigm University where the current page is for the "Co-op Program" section. Note that the News, Events, Forums, Links, and Documents tools are enabled for the section, and the owner of the section has enabled summaries for the News, Events, and Forums tools. The Links and Documents tools do not support section summaries.

Section Summaries
Figure 1: Section Summaries