Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use this help file to quickly skim over several questions you might have about nTreePoint. This is especially helpful for section owners or administrators because the questions can give you a good idea of some of the features that might not be immediately obvious.

Getting Started

This section shows you how to use the basic features of the application such as navigating the section hierarchy, accessing the different tools available, logging in and out, etc.

My UMinfo

This section discusses the features that are available for individual users, such as creating and managing your account, customizing which information you want to see in your My UMinfo view, having notices emailed to you when new information is added, etc.


This section contains help that is specific to the different tools available within nTreePoint. Each tool has its own section where help can be found on accessing and managing information that is specific to the individual tools, searching, etc.


This section deals with the integrated search tool. All tools that have searchable information use this search utility to allow users to search the information specific to individual tools. The help includes information on using the search tool, setting different criteria for searches, understanding the search results, etc.

Section Owners

A Section Owner is the user who owns a specific section within the application. Section Owners can create subsections, enable and disable tools within their sections, change the content of the Summary Page, assign Tool Manager privileges to other users, etc.


The Administrator is the user who has total control over every aspect of the application. The Administrator can access and manage all data in all sections and can make changes on behalf of any user. The Administrator can also manage users, change the colors and logos, update tool-specific settings that apply to all sections, etc.


This section contains help on various features and utilities that don't apply to any specific tool or user. The pages within this section are linked to from other pages within the help system.